Healing Programs

Our Established programs

Build upon our services & resources
with your contribution to meet
the growing disadvantaged gap within our communities.
Expand our healing challenges.

Your funding is highly appreciated.

We have
established goals

Our long-standing position
in our community,
has evolved our aspirations of
reaching the demand for aid.
We have established
healing programs based on
our reflection of
community need.

We are seeking funding
for these programs.

& Bush Tucker

Healing Centre
Program Proposal

A Bundjulang
Healing Centre
will provide:

A holistic solution to the
disadvantaged & the issues confronting
indigenous + non-indigenous
within our region.

The centre will be a place where
workshops & training will
take place to help establish
life skills & mitigate
un-employment barriers
for workforce re-entry.
Visitors will be educated in
cultural nutrition with the use of
cultural bush food & resources.

Some included &
areas of

• Grief & loss counselling,
• Drug & alcohol rehabilitation + diversion,
• Mental, sexual & physical abuse + morality support.
• Physical well-being.
• Restoring cultural ethics.
• Helping members of the stolen generation.

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Bush Tucker

Specialists are telling us
that as a people,
we need to be eating a
a whole lot more of
our own native foods.

Every other nationality that
has made Australia their home,
have brought their own
foods with them.
In every major city in
our country, finding other
nation's foods readily available
is easier than sourcing Australian
indigenous cultural food.
To buy bush tucker is
not so easy.

Our vision is to see
our communities serviced with
a bush tucker program to share
publicly & bring indigenous closer
to our dietary needs.

As part of our vision...
We need to establish the
obtaining of land large enough
to have both an emu &
a kangaroo farm.

Bush flora & fauna will be
grown & made available in conjunction
with dietary healing.

Your donation will help us.
With our research & formulated
strategies of returning indigenous
closer to their homegrown
nutritional dietary needs & education,
in which statistically we are losing our
longevity of life & connection
to the historical country without.

Any donation is
highly appreciated!
Your help brings us closer
to reaching our goals.

Starting goal to
reach establishment.

Healing Centre

Will include but not limited to;

Paid & voluntary employment
of indigenous & disadvantaged,
education in good health including; proven
Indigenous methods &
resources + healing in the
form of counselling
& spiritual development.

Stages of progress

Establishment of the Centre;
It is planned that the centre
will be developed as certain
benchmarks in funding are reached.
The process of developing the
Bundjulang nation has been broken
down into three stages.

Stage 1

Stage one is to include;
Creation of the training centre,
open cultural kitchen,
spiritual healing centre
& bush tucker farm.

Stage 2

Stage two will include;
Creation of the dormitories,
landscaping of the grounds
& basic recreational facilities.

Stage 3

Stage three will include;
The addition of a transitional
centre for Indigenous recently
released from incarceration.

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