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Arising Aid operates
on a 24hr basis

in crisis-help support.
Servicing to the needs of
those in a crisis.

If you are in a crisis
& in need…

Need Help?

Find yourself
or a loved one in a
difficult place..?

We are a helping guidance
through tough times
We are here to help as
best we can.
We can assist you or a loved one
through lifes hurdles.
We don't judge,
Either you are indigenous,
male, female, adolescents,
or recognised as either LGBTQI.

Your privacy remains our
utmost confidentiality.

Your safety is our
highest resolution.

Your wellbeing is our
utmost resolution.

We supply
accredited counselling

If you find yourself
a victim of either...

  • Domestic violence,
  • Family support,
  • Drug & alcohol support,
  • Sexual abuse,
  • Mental health,
  • Homelessness,
  • Services & resources advocacy,
  • Public & private services advocacy,
  • Healthy lifestyle guidance & advice,
  • Cultural learning & development,
  • Public hospital care &
    support advise,

See our full
list of services

We are holistic in support.
We hope you reach out
for our provided assistance.

If you need to contact us...


If you find yourself or
a loved one
a crisis, then, please
choose to phone through

Call either

Lois Johnson

If you prefer not to
phone through
try these
avenues of contact

We try our best to respond ASAP
you may find a delay in response,
for a more immediate contact
then, please choose to
phone through.

You can always try one of these avenues below

Message us through Facebook
Find us at [ arising.aid ]

Or Email us...

Contact Form

How You Can
Help Be Involved

We are an established
& ACNC Registered
not-for-profit charity
for the development of
indigenous & non-indigenous
community aid.

We provide support to helping
the most disadvantaged
within our community.

Your support will be much loved.

We solely rely on donations,
valuable volunteer time,
funding & grants
Your donations are highly
appreciated & in-turn the
community benefits.
Your donation, time, skillset
& resources are equally appreciated.

Any donation is a helping hand.
Contact us to be involved.

We also accept the donation of
equipment, dependant on the
condition of the goods.

Let's help move beyond
the afflictions of a broken community.

are 24/7

Our aid requires a
baseline dedicated team
+ resources to be available
for in-crisis support.

We ask for your support
to be able to continue &
grow our services as needed in
these testing times.

Arising Aid Inc
operates on a 24-hour
availability basis.

Our support goes beyond
provided phone counselling.
To meet in person to
effectively help those
in remote crisis need.
Travel & time is a resource
critical to assistance.


We have been
operating since 2008.

On reflection in our
years of service...
We have had the opportunity
to reflect on best
established practise.
We have established grounded
plans of where funding will best
suit the community position in
regards to the ongoing
operations & expansion
of our services.

Your funded support
helps us
meet the reflection
of the community in-crisis
support required.

We can not say it enough...
your donation matters &
is highly appreciated.

Donate to
save lives

Our 24/7 services
provide a broad list
of needs met.

From counselling,
resource delegation,
emotional support, trauma
guidance, family support, to
linking in public & private
services & resources, + more.
Our full list of services is listed on
our services page.

In short...
We have been
saving lives.

As a first-hand response, we see
communities suffering from
trauma that should not have
taken place.

We help in being supportive
within a system of resources that
can be overlooked or stretched
to a position of neglect.

Your donation directly helps
our first-hand response.

Our Charity Fund!

Make a difference now
Support our ongoing good work

Click on our donation link below.
Our donations are secured through PayPal.
You will be re-directed through to the PayPal donation portal.
Card & PayPal donations are accepted.
We highly appreciate your donation.
Many thanks for any possible generosity.

our Healing Centre

Facing the growth
of the community displaced
we need to look to our
own future of growth to
accommodate the demand.

We have long term experience to
know where available resources
can be best placed within
the community.

Our indigenous healing centre
faces the prospect of moving
beyond the growing issues
faced by the communities we
serve today & to help mitigate the
the offset of growing issues & neglect.

A past of trauma needs
it's healing to move beyond.

Healing Centre Fund!

Make a difference now
Support our healing centre
establishment fund.

Click on our donation
link below.

Our donations are secured
through PayPal.
You will be re-directed through to the PayPal donation portal.
Card & PayPal donations
are accepted.
We highly appreciate
your donation.

Many thanks for any possible generosity.

your time

It takes a public response
to face the disadvantaged

We achieve this with
our passion for helping our
community grow together
It takes the dedication of time &
any utilised resources available.

We see every
community member
as a valued community resource on a journey
that can be supported in development.

We hope your value of
assistance finds its place
within our community.

Your much-appreciated help can
go beyond a donation but is
equally appreciated.

If you believe you are
well placed to be a contributing
volunteer, then we
look forward to your contact.

Volunteer Form

Please be sure to fill in all form areas.

A police check may
be asked...

If you are to provide direct
assistance to disadvantaged &
vulnerable people

Volunteer Form

Donate Equipment

We accept the
donation of equipment!

If you have equipment of safe
working condition i.e. white goods,
vehicles, office equipment, etc.
We may accept your donation.
Your equipment may be of benefit
to our operations & directly to
those who cannot
financially afford the goods that
improve their living.

We highly appreciate
your donation of equipment in
good working order.

Contact Administration

If you believe you have equipment
in safe working order
that may be of benefit then
contact administration to arrange.

Equipment in
a dangerous condition
will not be accepted!

Area of Service

We currently can only
extend our help
to those in the bounds of our
area of service.

We appologise if limits our outreach to you..
Our outreach is governed
by the breadth of our extendable resources.
You may not be in our service area..
However we may be able to
link you to services available to you
within your area over
remote communication.


You may find the your answer
here before you enquire.

Are we a registered Charity?

YES! Arising Indigenous Community Development Aid Incorporated is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).
ABN [ 23300692437 ]

Is my donation tax deductible?

YES! Arising Indigenous Community Development Aid Incorporated is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 04 June 2015.
It is covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, Australia.
ABN [ 23300692437 ]

Are we registered counsellors?

YES! We are trained & accredited in counselling.
+ We have years of established experience behind us in dealing with disadvantaged indigenous & we are indigenous elders ourselves of the Bundjalung nation & community.

Our Proud Sponsors!

Your business sponsorship
logo space is available!

Make it known?
If you would like to
be listed publicly as a
contributing donor,
then contact us, terms apply.

Your donated assistance
directly helps
the community
develop from your
much-appreciated aid

Your sponsorship goes
a long way

Follow & Like
Facebook & LinkedIn

We have a social media presence.
Whether you are in a crisis?
or in need of our services?
We are available
to you through
social media.

If you would like to help our
charity... it can be as simple as
clicking 'Like' & 'Follow'
or as welcoming as
volunteering your valued time
or simply donating.

Don't be a stranger
we have wide
open arms
to accommodate
your needs

Admin office

If you are thinking of donating or
need to make general enquiries, or
would like to assist us in our
charity work & volunteer
your time to building
a healthy community resolute in
its diversity of strengths,
then please feel free to contact
Arising Aid administration

Our admin office

1/11 Bugden Avenue, Alstonville,
NSW, Australia 2477

Admin contact

Phone either...
0411894633 (Lois)

Share the love. Change a life.
Donate today

Contact Administration


Is endorsed as a
Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)
from 04 Jun 2015

Is registered with the
Australian Charities and
Not-forprofits Commission (ACNC)

ABN [ 23 300 692 437 ]

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